About Us

Who we are:

We are a member church of the Church of the Nazarene, a growing denomination with over 12,000 congregations in about 135 countries. We have 53 schools of higher education serving 50,000 students. The Church of the Nazarene also sponsors 170 Compassionate Ministry Centres around the world, serving the needs of the poor and disadvantaged.

What we believe:

We believe that every human life has value and meaning because each one of us has been created in the image of God and has a unique God-given purpose in life. Unfortunately, many people go through life never finding out what that purpose is. That’s where the church can help. We exist to help people find God, assist them in their spiritual journey and encourage them to fulfill their unique purpose in life.

As far as our core beliefs are concerned, the Bible is our authority and guide. It tells us that God loves us and wants us to enjoy life to the full, the way he intended. This happens when we put the values and principles of Scripture into practice on a daily basis.